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Cross Over Immigration Law Firm specializes in foreigners’ Visa applications in Japan. 
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Our Immigration Law Firm provides experienced, fast, and reliable Japanese Immigration legal services to individuals and corporations worldwide. We provide the full range of Japanese Immigration legal services including, work visas, Lawful permanent residents, Citizenship, and Deportation and Removal cases. Each of our valued clients receives 24/7 access to an experienced Japanese Immigration attorney. Honesty and integrity and personal attention to detail, are the hallmarks of our firm. All legal services of our firm are provided by experienced lawyers. Our vast experience in the field, enables our lawyers to develop unique solutions to the most difficult of immigration issues.



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1.Application for change of status of residence(在留資格の変更)
2.Application for extension of period of stay(在留期間の更新)
3.Application for permission to acquire status of residence(在留資格の取得)
4.Application for permanent residence(永住許可)
5.Application for re-entry permit(再入国許可)
6.International Marriage(国際結婚)
7.Application for recognition of refugee status(難民認定申請)
8.Deportation Defense(強制退去の防衛)